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29 Jul 2015

Giant's Causeway tour - Northern Irish Paradise

This weekend I went on my second trip to Giant's causeway. This was an all day tour which was managed by McCombs tours. The tour includes a short stop at Carrickfergus Castle, Rope Bridge, the old Bushmills Distillery, Dunluce Castle ruins, and the main attraction, Giant's Causeway . I went on the trip with Maja and Hailie. Hailie had never been on the tour so she would like to go before heading back to Sweden. Maja and I told her that we would like to join her. This was a perfect rematch against the tour since our last tour in March was filled with wind, hail and rain.

We had such incredible luck with the weather during the tour. It was sunny all day, and not that cloudy. All of the locations seemed to be paradise compared to the last time we saw them, and we were especially happy to get closer to the Rope Bridge which was open for crossing and further inspection. Last time we went on the tour it was closed due to security measures, that's how windy it was!

The whole trip was amazing. As mentioned before the tour was managed by McCombs tours and the tour guide was really good. It was a funny coincidence that we actually had the same tour guide for both of the tours. The tour guide was a guy called Mark or "Sparky" as he called himself. He was a really great tour guide and he had a lot of interesting stories about the journey from Belfast to Giant's causeway.

I would advise everyone who visits Belfast to take this tour, or go to Giant's Causeway themselves. It's a stunning and phenomenal setting that is second to none! Definitely one of the magical wonders of the world, and if the weather is on your side it is a Northern Irish Paradise!

Thank you for reading and watching the pictures. Take care!


  1. I was close by last year but didn't make it to here.

    Buckets & Spades

    1. If you ever get back around these places, you should definitely visit it. It's amazing!!

      Also thank you for visiting my blog :-)