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15 Jun 2015

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Right now I am in that awful position, where you're just waiting for something amazing to happen, and I don't mean something out-of-the-blue amazing, I mean BOOKED HOLIDAYS amazing.

Yesterday my girlfriend and I booked flight tickets for our holidays in Denmark, and I must admit that I cannot wait to get home for a short while. It's going to be so amazing to get home to see my loving family and friends, and to be able listen to the beautiful language of the hot potato. Recently I've really been missing a lot of stuff from Denmark, especially my lovely mom, and, to be honest, it feels like I've been gone for centuries.

The biggest downside about having the tickets booked and getting eager to leave is the wait. In some mysterious way, everything in the worlds is managing to slow down to the slowest, most painful speed achievable to humans, and it really bothers me. Right now I just wanna go home, pack my luggage and head to the airport. Unfortunately I'll have to wait a another two weeks before I can even start packing my stuff.

But of course it ain't all bad. Despite having to wait, I am looking forward to the two weekends I get to spend here in Belfast before I go on holidays. I always enjoy the weekends here, they are so amazing! I enjoy the staying at home, doing nothing but eating nice food and watching Netflix weekends as much as I enjoy the weekends where we go out for brunch and shopping (Which, have happened quite A LOT  recently), so I am sure that I'll be able to pass time before going on holidays, or at least pass the time during the weekends!

So, the plan right now is the same as every other Monday, survive till the weekend!

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