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28 Jun 2015

Confident for once

I am usually not the most confident person, but during this weekend I was asked about one of the few things that I am very confident about, my choice of education.

Even though I am not entirely sure what I wanna study yet, I am very confident about the fact that I want to study something that interests me. During these days a lot of young people in Denmark have finished their 2 or 3 years of Gymnasium, and now they have to either "choose their carrier" and studies at the universities or do like I did, take one or more sabbatical years away from school and from studying.

I am convinced that a lot of people are wondering what they should do, after they finish the chapter of life called Gymnasium. A lot of people are most likely wondering if they should go to the university, what they should study and what they want do for a living when they've finished all of their educations and studies. I have, of course, asked myself the exact same questions. What do I wanna study, and what do I wanna do for a living? The answer is what I am confident about. I want to do something I like and something that I find interesting.

Since the beginning of the Gymnasium I have been very determined to study something with Philosophy. I was introduced to philosophy through my classes of Ancient Studies, and I am convinced that I, during these classes, discovered my hopefully future development, employment and study area.

It would be absolutly perfect for me to study something with philosophy and maybe even the ancient greek. I am intrigued and inspired by their train of thoughts and it amazes me that an civilzation so long ago, might have had the answer to some of the things that is causing problems in the world right now.

So when I told one of my friends my future plans I was very surprised when he told me that it would be a 'dangerous, risky and bad idea'. I must admit that I agree with him to some dregree.
The demand for philosophers might not be the highest demand, but to be honest I don't really care. I would rather spend between 3-7 years of studying something that really interests me, than spend between 3-7 years studying something that bothers and troubles me and, but might give me a high paided job, that will do the exact same. For me, the most important thing is doing something you like, atleast most of the time. It might not be possible to do this all the time, but when it comes to studying, it's very, very, very important to choose something that drives you, cause this is the time where you actually have the ability to chooose what you want..

So when it comes to studying I am indeed confident. I am not sure exactly what I will choose, but I am confident I will choose something that I find interesting enough to drive me to success.

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